F1 BOBCAT • Exotic  RARE  Hybrid Kittens    (June 2017 Kittens arrived!)

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JUNE 2017 New Litter!

Our stunning Queen "Reign" had a wonderful Bobcat hybrid litter on June 1st 2017.
Born Sunday May 28th
Queen Reign is most definitely one of our wildest looking queens. She's a jaw-dropper.  And her boyfriend "The BULL" looks like he lifts weights...perhaps he's part Pitbull ;)
These kittens have about 19% wild blood, so they're closer to a F2 in regards to wild blood % (w/ about 13% bobcat and 6% serval blood).

 EYES JUST OPENED. more photos coming soon...although I did take some quick video footage of the spotted female and male (will email if you'd like :) ...the other two came out a beautiful golden brown ticked pattern and one received dad's huge poly paws (also a boy and girl :) 
Queen Reign has amazing soft fur...much like the touch/feel of a mink fur coat. And dad "The BULL" is our new cattery celebrity. He is just pure big strong awesome :) ...clients are going nuts over him.