F1 BOBCAT • Exotic  RARE  Hybrid Kittens    (March 2017 Kittens arrived!)

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MARCH 2017 New Litter!

My very favorite F2 Bobcat Queen "Sahara" & F4 Savannah-Bob "The BULL" had a wonderful Bobcat hybrid litter on March 19th.

They're considered high wild % F3 BOBCAT hybrid cubs. All received a golden coat with great dark spotting; I anticipate awesome ear tufts...and they all inherited the wild ear ocelli. One received the awesome poly paws from dad. 
These cubs have 19% wild blood. THE PERFECT PET. I anticipate these getting reserved very quick. Truly might be the most rare and unique hybrid in the world. 

I will post photos of them asap. I'd like to wait until their eyes have opened :)

  (below) Queen "Sahara" is a proud new momma