JANUARY 2018 Litter!

Our wildest looking Bobcat hybrid F2 queen "Sahara" had a wonderful Bobcat hybrid litter on December 14, 2017.

They'll be ready to leave mid-February (just in time for Valentine's Day :)

The father of these hybrids is our big F4 Savannah/Lynx stud "Iceberg" (see photos of both parents below)

Call 714.981.8351 for any questions...they'll get reserved quick :)

3 Female (marble, snow, and spotted) and 1 male (snow)...he has some great wild black ear-tufts. 

All three females have the wild-curl on ears, and the male has traditional ears. 

The spotted female has the bobcat half-tail.

Both snows have beautiful blue eyes & traditional paws, while the spotted and marble have the big poly paws.

F1 BOBCAT • Exotic  RARE  Hybrid Kittens    (2018 January Kittens are here!)

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