There's a legend that "a real Bobcat female successfully bred with a domestic male cat." Had I not seen for myself, I never would've believed it. When I met the offspring it was a true WOW moment. With all the feline hybrids out there, we hear about certain breeds maybe originating from a Bobcat. Rumor has it that different Lynx hybrids might have lineal descent from the Bobcat. But I've never witnessed a hybrid that truly looked like a Bobcat, nor seen any scientific proof of actual Bobcat DNA...until now. This particular Bobcat hybrid DNA has been proven and documented at the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory School of Veterinary Medicine: University of California-Davis. The BOBCAT female was bred by a domestic Bengal/Ocicat male. She birthed amazing F1 Bobcat hybrids. I've never been luckier to adopt this line of the rarest of hybrids. I'm honored & lucky to offer the most unique hybrid kitten in the world: the BOBCAT hybrid. The surrounding photos document the original romance :)

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F1 BOBCAT • Exotic  RARE  Hybrid Kittens    (Spring 2018 Kittens just arrived!)